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Project Clock Asia

Manufacture Large Clock Faces, Clock System (Custom Made) for Clock Tower, Building Clock, Floral Clock

Clock Face design, Clock Tower design Build a Clock System for a uniquely designed clock tower. Serving Southeast Asia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia.
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Work in Progress

Building Clock Faces in Vietnam

Building Clock Faces in Vietnam
Creating a special Building Clock face. Build according to the customer's request for a 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Lots of details Project Clock Asia jointly designed and produced with a foreign design company. including the installation of a clock system with an Illumination lighting system for the Clock system
Latest Work

Lucky Windmill Krabi Tower Clock , Thailand

Lucky Windmill Krabi Tower Clock , Thailand
The work of creating a clock tower dial with a 1.5 meter clock system, Lucky Windmill Krabi Clock Tower, Krabi Province - Thailand It is a bezel-less dial with blacklight installed on the inside of the dial. With a clock system, Master Clock and Slave Clock. Install the dial by the Project Clock Asia team.
Special Works

Lego Land Building Clock Faces , New York - USA

Lego Land Building Clock Faces , New York - USA
Lego Land Building Clock Faces, New York - USA is a building that breaks the rules of building a large clock. since the dial clock hands clock system The whole system has been specially created. We have engineers who can co-design Or can design a large clock according to customer requirements. by an efficient team serving customers all over the world.

Our main business and services

Project Clock Asia Service
Our main business and services , Design, Mantenance and Installation of Clock systems. Installation and maintenance of Controller Clock , Building Side Clock , Floral Clock and Synchronize Clock. Supply, Installation and repair of Clock System.
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Our commitment

We pride ourselves on servicing our customer's needs to the fullest satisfaction and delivering high quality to our value customers.Expertise for more than 60 years in installing and maintenance for Clock Tower Project. Our production line also included custom parts and technical that has been maintenance and installation of the highest quality.

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